5 things to improve during lockdown|good habits during lockdown

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  Let's admit it schools and colleges are closed and we are feeling really really lazy but what if I told you that t
here were some students that have taken up this unexpected free time and decided to make it a really productive time for themselves but how! okay so in today's post I'm gonna give you ten smart study tips to study at home and some rulesthat have been taken from these self-motivated dudes and I'm sure thatat the end of this video you're going to be this study at home ninja so let's getgoing hey everyone this is chetna and you are watching ChetChat the good news is that if you can learn to self-motivate during this period thenthis will be a skill that you can use for the rest of your life and before Igive you those ten smart study tips to study at home I want you to put acomment under this video telling me your secret study at home tip and now for theten study tips smart study at home tip number one is morning ritual now when wewake up in the morning we're all kind of slow and lazy it is very important atthis time to do a few things everyday for example sip a warm cup of water withlemon in it water your plants feed your pets maybe you want to go for a walk ormeditate it's important to do a couple of activities every day in silence whatthis does to you is that this helps you transition between the sleepy you to thework you and also remember to make your bed because that way the brain remembersthat it can't just jump right back into the bed at any time smart study at hometip number two follow a schedule this is so so important during this periodbecause sometimes we even tend to forget what day of the week it is now we have anumber of time tables for you including one especiallymade for this period of lockdown and I'm going to put links to those in thedescription box below there are also free printables to those available onour website but overall pick a very simple schedulebut that doesn't mean you need to study all day you could study for just a fewhours a day but as long as that is scheduled in your timetable you're goingto be both productive and predictable now before we continue with the balancetips remember to put your favorite study at home tip as a comment under thisvideo smart study at home tip number threehave a designated study space this is my absolute favorite strategy and it's likemagic it helps me focus at any point of time of the day instantly it's very veryimportant to segregate your study space from your sleep space and yourentertainment space because the environment affects us so no matter howsmall your houses find that little corner where you can put a small deskfor yourself where you will exclusively only study it could even be a portabledesk also don't get tempted to study on that dining table with your entirefamily moving around about you somebody sitting next to you watching televisionthat's a complete no-no now what if you have just one room and one bed on itwhat do you do then so I would suggest to you that you use a different part ofthe bed to sleep in and maybe a different corner perpendicular to whereyou're sleeping is the position where you study in but this is the key totrick your mind into saying hey this is the space in which you start working nowthere are three rules for you to follow to make this a success one is to keepthe space sacred for work only so for example I'm at my desk and I get a callfrom my friend I pick up my phone I go out of my room I take that call and Icome back and chances are I put my phone on silent or I pick it up and I keep itaway rule number two may this a no-phone zone and finally keepyour space neat and tidy because that way the brain is able to focus moreeasily and there's less stress caused on account of everything that's lyingaround you smart study at home tip number four is manage your phone nowyour phone can either be the source of your distinction or your distraction oreven destruction now there can be only one master ask yourself are you the masterof your phone or are you its slave now there are a few simple rules that youcan follow to become the master not only of your phone but also of your owndestiny rule number one avoid picking up yourphone first thing in the morning remember the morning ritual tip numberone this morning time is for self-reflection quietly tip number twokeep your phone away from your study tableideally pick it up and place it in a different room rule number three you caneven use some free apps to prevent getting distracted by your phoneand finally often you people tell me I have to study on my phone so how can Ikeep my phone away from my study room in that case make sure you put your phoneon the airplane mode before you begin studying now we've got an exclusivevideo on how to focus and concentrate and I'm gonna drop a link in thedescription box smart study at home tip number five is to organize online studysessions now organize these video sessions with your friends yourclassmates or even your cousins and you can even teach somebody something youcan discuss your doubts maybe you can pick up one chapter and you know readthe whole thing or you can sort one important concept and that is going tohelp you simulate a real-life classroom smart study at home tip number six ismake notes now I'm sure you have some online classes the tip here is to listento the class at its regular speed don't try to pause and then make notes andthen go back and listen to it again that way you'll lose momentum so listento it at the regular speed keep taking notes while you'relistening to it that way your brain is going to be completely engaged you'regoing to focus and at the end of the quick study session you're going to comeback feeling charged up now we have a dedicated video telling you how to makenotes and I'm going to drop a link for you under the description box and youcan watch that to see the different ways in which you can actually take notessmart study at home tip number seven is called afternoon slump now this reallyisn't a tip this is a fact post-lunch many of us feel sluggish we're not ableto concentrate and that's the lowest part of our day the first thing ofcourse is you shut your book you shut your laptop you move away fromyour desk or your study room after this you can do one of two things either youcan go to sleep take a small nap especially if you woken up very early inthe morning the other thing to do is to do something that keeps you physicallyactive for example fold your laundry clothes or just clear your room or yourdesk or maybe you want to just cook something in the kitchen I don't knowsome chores that you have but the moment you're doing a physical activity at thistime you'll find that you may be able to solve a problem that you were strugglingat when you were sitting at your desk smart study at home tip number eight iscalled a doubt sheet now when you're studying and when you're in class manytimes you have a doubt and you can instantly raise your hand and ask theteacher unfortunately we don't have the luxury of doing that at home so wheneveryou face a doubt write it down on a separate sheet keep stiring note downthe doubts and keep studying and at the end of the session whenever you have aplanned maybe video call with your teacher or you have that online studysession with your friends pull out your doubt sheet and bingo those are thequestions that you need answered smart study tip number nine is one priorityper day now don't try to do too many things in a day and preferably don'thave this long to-do list decide on one thing you want to do youwant to make an outline for an essay or you want to research a topic for yournext presentation but whatever it is choose onething whatever you choose as your big priority do it the night before note itdown either on your whiteboard or maybe even on a sheet of paper and leave it atyour desk second thing is try to pick up this bigchallenging daunting task early in the day as early as possible preferably thefirst thing when you sit on your table now what happens with that is that oneyou've got the entire day to tackle the problem and be the moment you finish ityou feel a sense of satisfaction for the rest of the day sometimes we have theselittle little things to do it's not always only the big things so tackle thebig thing first thing in the morning and once you are done with that take yourlittle to-do list and start ticking off those small little items smart study athome tip number 10 is don't study all day yes yes absolutely do not study allday this is also a good time for you to take that much-needed break perhapsyou've had a very intense academic year so it's not a bad idea for you to relaxa little bit but if you have a schedule and it's a few hours of work follow the routine put away of books on your laptop and your table and in theevening plan something fun it could be a nice dinner with family it could be acall with your friends it could be a Netflix watched session but what's veryimportant is for you not to binge on Netflix perhaps all night long and sleepvery late you must sleep on time because sleep is a time and the brain regainsits energy and that makes you very productive the next day and aboveeverything else stay healthy reward yourself for allthese accomplishments and stay connected with your friends this may be a goodtime for you to become the best version of yourself don't forget to give me acomment by telling me your favorite study at home tip and also press thatsubscribe button and the bell icon right next to it and that thumbs up issomething we love you to press and happy reading. 

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