Why chinese are laughing over indians?

Why Chinese are laughing over Indians?

For last 70 years, J&K Ladakh were kept united as a "disputed territory"  under UN conditionalities and supervision as per agreement signed in UN general assembly. All the P5 countries are signatories to the UN General assembly resolution including China. That restrained China from interference in Ladakh although China always claimed Ladakh as its territory. This was so because  China itself was signatory to the JKL resolution that put legal restrictions in China who remained, silent over Ladakh for 70 years although it verbally claimed Ladakh its territory. Once Article 370 was repealed which was also recognised by UN, the legal cover over Ladakh has perished now. Hence China has initiated ballsy posturing on Ladakh and India can't even talk about the controversy in UN because India has unconstitutionally violated the UN resolution. Now its the question of "Might is Right".

China have been in the Galwan valley of Indian territory and is frequently facing heat from the opposition regarding the situation but the top leaders of the govt. including PM has made following statements:-
‌On 2nd of June Defence minister, "Large number of Chinese troops crossed into India's side of LAC.
‌on 17th of June MEA, China tried to alter the structure of Galwan valley on the side India's side of LAC
‌On 19th of June after all party meet, PM says, Chinese never entered inside Indian territory.

After PM's statement, Zhao Lijian spokesperson of China's foreign ministry said that, "Galwan valley is located on China's side of LAC in the west section of India-China boundary. 
This is one of the worst clash in decades and Amit Shah might have played role in aggravating things because during election rallies he claimed to take back Aksai Chin. While media played role in covering up  Modi's failure. For instance when it was surgical strike on Pakistan whole media cheered Modi govt but on its failure over Galwan valley, they marked army as responsible factor.

Modi govt's startegy regarding China has clearly been deception as a result 20 brave hearts lost their lives including a Colonel and many were kept in captivity by Chinese. Govt has been speaking lies about Chinese incursions, defence minister kept saying India-China skirmishes would be solved diplomatically, media kept questioning opposition, BJP IT cell wanted Tik Tok uninstalled. Media wanted India to boycott Chinese product on the contrary their programs are sponsored by Chinese products and companies, IPL is sponsored by Chinese products and companies. India's import from china is more than 60 billionUSD  and export is 15 billionUSD.

 #Boycottchineseproducts is trending on Twitter, but its not a good idea to start a trade war with the neighbouring nation. Why? Because it will end hurting India more than China. On the other hand Indian economy is already kneeling. India's supply chains are very much entwined with china and it would take massive investment, time, money, and resource to adopt such big change. 
Both the countries are nuclear power and can't afford war because its not a solution and it shouldn't be. The top leadership of both the countries should find appropriate ways to create peaceful atmosphere across the two nations and develop healthy and fruitful relations which would prevent bhakts from obliterating their Chinese goods.

About the author: Waseem Banday is a student of B.Sc semester VI at GDC Poonch. The views expressed by the author are personal

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