Hey guys,

Hope you are fine so assuming that let me ask you a question?


How to remember what you study

If you a student then you might be thinking what should be a best way to memorize anything.Actually every human in this world have same mentality level but the only thing that differs is the way of learning.

So here i would be focusing more on best and effective way to grab any thing.

Following are the steps to memorize anything fast:-

1)Write a brief sumary for each paragraph:-

Doing this will help you to boost your remembering level.so lets suppose that you are learning "circulatory system" and you have to sum up this topic in a few lines but in your own words.

2)Break down the large paragraph into small chunks:-

This is definitely going to boost your score in your exams.You just take a long essay and try to frame it  in  2-3 sentences.so doing this will increase your understanding level.

You mind is a super computer and it will automatically stores all this data in your primary memory.

3)Use the language in which you are comfortable:-

Using your own language to understand anything is a chief point for your brain.The human brain understands simple and practical things more fast as compared to il-logical and scattered things.we already know your mother tongue so using our mother tongue to learn anything new  would be given more priority by our brain.

4)Try to picturize your answer:-

Suppose we are learning "french revolution" and try to make a movie from your thoughts.so framing movie from long sentences is a very helpful way to grasp any thing.

5)Try to use acronyms inorder to learn order of a anything.

Our mind works more for funny things instead of sad things.so making a funny acronym would be very benificial for you to remeber anything.

For eg:-we use word "VIBGYOR" to remember the series and colours of RAINBOW.

6)Explain as you are a teacher.

Guys if you want to learn anything new and want to store it in the primary section of your brain for your entire life.you just have to teach like your Teacher teaches you in your class room and start explaining to your students even you just suppose all these things.

Try to use as simple language as you can so it would be in your head permanently.


Hope this helps.