"Earning money online is not a cup of tea for everyone".
Ways to earn money online are as follows:-


How to earn money online as a student

YouTube is one of the best methods to earn money online we can generate  a lot of money we can generate a lot of passive income from the comfort of your home  within few minutes we just have to be focused on our work we just have to work 24×7 for YouTube channel. so the source of income from the YouTube is the Google Adsence. Income of Google AdSense  is directly proportional  to  views.The more views you will get the more you will be paid.
 For example let's say that if I get 4000 Impressions on my YouTube ad on my video I will generate almost  2$.Guys you should open a YouTube channel and you should work hard because without working hard you will not be able to generate  a considerable amount of money.
 if you want to earn money online from the YouTube then I must say this that just opening a channel just putting up your name and address will not works you have to work for it you should be professional if you want to generate a passive income from the comfort of your home.
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 To generate income from YouTube you just have to complete 4000 watch time and only 1000 subscribers it's pretty simple guys.
Earning money from Youtube  is very simple but  you have to  put it with your heart because making videos slovenly  will not work believe me dear it will not work it will only waste your time.


if you are free and you are looking for a free service then blogger is the best choice.
if you want to customise your blog more as compared to blogger than you can definitely switch over to wordpress.
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you just have to buy a new fresh domain name  along with hosting  if you want to buy hosting at the cheapest rate than you can definitely click on my page ad  appearing  on the above sides at the top of the page.


How to earn money online as a student

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earning money online is quite simple but when it comes to earn money from the comfort of your home  and without much effort you guys should definitely have to shift over freelancing websites.

what are freelancing websites actually???

These are  the sites that provides you money for completing tasks you just have to complete simple simple tasks and you will be paid easily  in your wallet so that actually who are these the persons who are paying you this  money.this money is paid by the  the person to whom you are dealing  so you just have to complete the work for example let's say that you have to write a post for about thousand words and I would pay you $25 when you submit 2000 word articles to me I would pay you $25 and to you must be thinking that  someone could be playing fool  with you someone can fraud you and you should be confidental I must tell you that this site is very much confidental if you handle the work to them they would pay you accordingly.
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How to earn money online as a student

Earning money on Instagram is very much easy believe me it's very easy you  have to work hard and you just have to work on your professional skills you can not get money simply by  copy  pasting the stuff of others you just have to devote hundred percent time in your professional skills for example if you are a professional  in logo designing then you have to focus only on the logo you must not think about the video editing nd  not think about the photo editing you must not say that I am good in picsart editing I am good in adobe photoshop editing.
 you just have to work on logo editing so that the people may believe that that you can  design a professional  logo for example if you have a large list of followers on Instagram large number of followers on Instagram when you can have a you can also create a sponsor page .but we have to cross the limit to run instagram you just have to fulfill the given criteria which I have the given below on the post of my posts and to run it to run ads on your Instagram account without any hard effort.