Hey guys,
Hope you are fine.
As we know that this time of lockdown is a boon for us.But it must utilized properly inorder to get benifit from it.
So for example i attend my live classes from morning 9.00 am to 3.00 pm and then 3.00 pm to 6 p.m for making notes and then enjoyment during evening then then after having dinner i go to bed at 11.pm then 8 hours sleep.

So where is time for my self study??

How to manage online study and self study?

How would i study n revise my whole  syllabus after spending this much of time.

1)Prioritise your work accordingly:- you must prepare a list before work that which things is necessary,which is more necessary and which is most necessary.
Plan your day in list and jot down it in your note-book.
For example:-
  1. Study
  2. Home work
  3. Sports
  4. Gym

2) Prepare a plan for your entire day:- Doing this is very benificial for you so just breakdown your entire work in small chunks.And start completing your tasks one by one.
3)Decide whether you are a morning person or a night owl:-if you love to study during mornings then study during this time only and if you love to study during night there is nothing wrong in it.
You can complete your syllabus during thia time only beacause during you have a lot of work from school.
4)Create a combination of subjects:-you can work according to your mind.The subject which you love the most combine it with the subject you hate the most doing this would be a refreshment for your mind.