Corona virus,Indian Govt and Media.

Penned by:- waseem banday

Covid 19 is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The virus mainly spreads through nose and mouth that also includes minute droplets which are produced  during coughing, sneezing and talking. The droplets usually don't travel in air over long distances, but a person coming in contact may draw a breath  and become infected.

    The first case was detected on Dec. 2019 in Wuhan, China, and is still an ongoing pandemic. As per recent reports more than 26.6 million people have fallen prey to this fatal contagious disease  across the globe has claimed   the lives of 875K people.

           The first case of virus in India was reported on 30 Jan 2020 in Kerala with the travel history from Wuhan. Now India has vouched largest number of confirmed cases in Asia and is second worst effected nation after USA. 50 days after the virus was detected in India, one day complete lockdown was observed throughout the country known as  trial noman clatured  "Janta Curfew". On 25th of March a strict  nationwide lockdown was imposed till April 14. Similarly to contain its spread as preventive measure, lockdown was extended upto 31 May. After long lockdown of 75 days ,phase wise  reopening was initiated across the country.

            Unplanned lockdown has effected the migrant labourers a lot. The pandemic further deteriorated India's kneeling economy. And it unfolded vulnerability of millions of migrant workers. Millions of migrant workers, were striving  to return to their respective  houses. Acknowledging the  plight  and helplessness of people Sonu Sood a bollywood actor came into their rescue. The covid 19 associated lockdowns unveiled so called govt's policies for the poorer section of the society. The farmers are  food producers, which provide food to teeming population of millions. They are organs of industries, and feeder of  the nation. Rather than taking sole decisions to contain the spread of this virus PM Modi, wanted to end this virus by bangingThali and Taali from balcony, then by lighting candles and diyas. 

         With severe interference and interruption brought in by the outbreak of covid 19, the pandemic has effected the livelihood of more than 555 million people as per official data. More than 1.5 crore people lost their jobs, unemployment rate reached 27.1% and according to a report in coming months more people are likely to lose their jobs. 

             The pandemic has revealed and exacerbated the pathetic condition and problems of the students across globe. The pandemic has shut down every activity in  schools, colleges and universities. More than 1.725 billion students are effected. 

      The virus was born in China, was brought up in Italy, grew up in USA and became Muslim in India. The pandemic in India  proved to be  assassinator of the  character of always targeted and marginalized community ,(Muslims). Instead of debunking and  questioning the blatent flunk  of govt in containing its spread. The congregation event of Tablighi Jamaat was potrayed as "Virus spreader event" by media and Tablighis were made scapegoats. The  biased and abhor spilling media left no stone unturned to communalise the atmosphere from their media galleries to gratify the majority. 

      Having witnessed  the Central health ministry regular briefings by, Joint secretary Mr. Lav Agarwal frequently pointed out Tablighis as disease spreader. This was a virulent agenda conspired by media and spread like wild fire on social media.Even our political leadership did not lag behind to add fire to the fuel.

       A Virus or disease sees no religion, no caste, no social status it can cause harm irrespective . The top leader is busy in feeding Peacocks rather than feeding poor. He is busy in buying luxurious  aircrafts and making quixotic  projects instead  this govt needs to take firm and smart steps to contain its spread. As India is the new epicenter of the virus. Very sedate and substantial strides fused with medical precepts is the need of hour as the cases are swelling in India .If action delayed and abeyance of vainglorious govt.continued the day is not far when crematoriums and cemeteries will not be available for last rights.

The virus is very colt and obstinate it won't come to your house until you don't go out and invite it. So wear mask, keep social distancing and follow the SOP's. Everything is transient this virus   too will vanish into  nothingness one day Eternity is to Providence .

Name:- Waseem Banday

Student of VIth sem  at GDC Poonch.