How to Study NCERT like a pro!

Studying NCERT is not a cup of tea for everyone
So today I will be giving you a secret to study NCERT like a pro.Best way to STUDY NCERT like TOPPER.

But wait why to Read  NCERT like a pro??

 Let me put it first.


So,as we know that in any competitive exam almost every type of problem is based on NCERT.
so keeping eye on it every STUDENT reads NCERT many times every student who is preparing for any exam.
But why only some are toppers and some are even not able to crack it!
Thats the art of reading NCERT I was exactly talking about.
So I will you recipe for this and you have to do the rest of work!

  1. READ LINE BY LINE: Make sure to read line by line even go in depth then only it will be fruitful for you.
  2. UNDERSTAND EVERY WORD: just reading line by line will not work you have to go in depth the lines.GO BEYOND LINES.
  3. NEVER SKIP INTRODUCTION :This is a mistake that most students commit. The text books are designed in such a way to evoke the interest for the topic. Start with the intro and read it line by line slowly as a story book. In Chemistry sometimes application based questions are asked from the intro and the read it like this is your LAST DAY OF READING.
  4. DONT SKIP COLOURED BOXES : These things maybe important for jee and neet. After all, you come to school to gain knowledge. It is very useful to gain extra knowledge to ACE YOUR EXAM.
  5. DONT SKIP INTEXT QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS : or do not try to read them after the end of the chapter. Go by the sequence. These questions make sure that you are on track, it makes sure that you learn the formula/concept (solving questions is the best way to set the concepts to your memory).just solving it once will not work for have to do all these exercises to boost your confidence.
  6. INTEXT TOPIC WISE PROBLEMS: solve all these one by one according to topic wise to gain confidence in problems step by step.
  7.  Use the exercise questions for revision: I do not mean that you should solve them few days before your exam. Solve these questions 4-5 days after you complete reading the chapter.solving these problems after READING NCERT will be a boon for you.By this time you would have forgotten a few concepts, and when you solve the questions now you are revising and building strong neural connections,This makes sure that you remember the concepts for long.These are application based PROBELMS.
  8. UNDERLINE IMPORTANT POINTS:This is a very important point.when your exams are arriving we are tend to forget everything so at that time we can't read the whole BOOK at that time instead of reading the stories we can directly revise the key topics to gain success.
  9. USE ANY REFRENCE BOOK TO CLARIFY your topic: As refrence books are provided with EXTRA KNOWLEDGE.But if you want to study exam oriented no need to refer any book.
  10. USE SHORT STICKY NOTES: STICKY NOTES are also very helpful for making short notes on NCERT Book instead of penning everything down on the book.These are very handy and helpful to use.

The Above points are highly efficient and helpful  if you fall in love with the chapter,do not read the chapter just because you have to.

My Tip:If you go through the chapter before the teacher teaches you ,Things would become extremely easy after the lesson ( If you pay attention to your lessons , And that is Highly important ! ).

It will be easy to understand as we are already aware that what our teacher is talking about.

Some chapters might be extremely boring, spend more time to such topics and focus more on practicing and never skip above points for such chapters ! THAT’S A HUGE Mistake.

In case your teacher is not up to the mark,try browsing for online videos.High quality content is available for free in YouTube these days ! Make the most out of it.

The things mentioned above are experienced by me.i  have not just googled the search results and pasted it here.